Beautiful designs

Our custom built-in wall units allow us to add style and charm to literally any corner of your home! Custom built-ins will add structure and organization, while increasing your home’s overall elegance, beauty and value!

Structure & organization

At TheGryphon, we love to help you find solutions that make you fall in love with your home even more. With our built-in wall units, we can help you add structure and organization to virtually any part of your home. Turn an unutilized wall into a stunning built-in bookcase to showcase your growing library. Create a mudroom to organize your family’s everyday belongings and the kids sports equipment. Or add seating and storage that works with your home’s existing floor plan. With these built-ins you can turn the most underutilized areas in your home into custom features that inspire and work for you.

Elegance & value

Our goal is likely the same as yours, to create a space where people want to be. Whether it’s a modern approach with clean lines, or gorgeous trimmed cabinetry, our custom wall units will give your rooms a character, personality and functionality you need to create a truly great living space. Creating the right wall unit will add beauty and elegance to any room.

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Note: This design service is provided only as an aid or service to customers.

TheGryphon is not held accountable for any inaccuracy in design submissions.

The customer is responsible to verify all measurements, layouts, and pricing upon ordering.