Exclusive designs

Creating custom vanities for your bathrooms opens up limitless options. We understand that a vanity for twin boys will be very different than the vanity for your master suite or powder room. With custom vanities, you get to choose the look and functionality, and we make it happen!


Here at Metro Kitchens, we will work with you to determine the best way to strategically handle your unique organizational needs. With mixing countless options in drawers, shelving and cabinets, we can offer practical storage solutions, while remaining true to your personal style preferences.

A place of serenity

Our goal is not only to assist you in increasing the functionality and organization of your bathroom, but to create a personal spa and retreat. We hope our custom bathrooms become a place of peace and serenity, a place to relax and unwind from your busy life. By offering you the finest materials to choose from, and helping you pinpoint your unique style, we help you create a bathroom you’ll never want to leave!

Bathroom Vanities and Basin Units

Combination bathroom vanities and basin units are a great addition to a restroom suite and provide a space-saving solution. Those are available in walnut, oak or gloss-white, there is a combination bathroom sink unit to suit any style suite.

Our vanity units bring style to your bathroom as well as precious cupboard space that may be used for everything. From towels and garments to toiletries. Available in different shapes, sizes, and styles to match your current layout. Our great range of bathroom vanity units come with a multi-year guarantee that says a lot about their durability.




Why TheGryPhone Bathroom Vanities?

TheGryPhon offers a wide range of bathroom vanities and basin units that are perfect for a family bathroom. Thanks to that we increase your available space that you most need. The majority of our freestanding units come complete with a basin or toilet. So still, we provide a full solution for your bathroom suite.

Countertop vanity units are extremely modern and fit perfectly with our range of minimalistic countertop basins. We offer a range of contemporary styles and materials. Our countertop vanity units fit perfectly with your modern bathroom suite. Also providing a practical storage solution, but also a sense of extreme style.

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